Medical University


  • Guilin Medical University is a Government owned University by Provincial Government founded in 1935, Located in Beautiful city Guilin, Guanxi
  • More than 400 Foreign Students from more than 40 Countries are studying in Guilin Including more than 200 Pakistani Boys and Girls in MBBS Program.
  • Country Ranking is 467 in the link
  • Course Duration is 6 years of MBBS (5+1) including one year Clinical Internship in English
  • Competent, highly qualified staff & friendly environment for International
  • Guilin Medical University has 06 Affiliated Hospitals & 23 Teaching
  • Guilin Medical University is recognized by WHO. Link is
  • According to PMDC rules Pakistani student can get NOC from PMDC with 60% Marks in FSC PreMedical
Description 1st year 2nd year to Onwards
Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee 12,500 Yuan Tuition 16000 Hostel fee 2500 Total=18,500 Yuan
Medical Checkup, Residence Permit, Insurance, Room deposit, registration 2800 Yuan 1000 Yuan
Admission Fee, Registration fee Jw202, Management Charges, Paper Management, Pick up, Courier Charges + Consultancy fee 10, 000 Yuan 19500 Yuan
Total in Chinese Yuan ( Approx Dollars ) 25300 Yuan (4000 $ ) 3000 USD

Other Expenses

  1. All the fees must be paid in Chinese Yuan ( RMB). Fee mentioned in US$ is for reference only.
  2. Food Expanses are approx 700 RMB to 1000 RMB/Month normally
  3. One way Air Ticket from Islamabad to Changsha / Nanning is of approx 55,000 to 60,000 PKR.
  4. Student will pay for Books, Notes electricity and Stationary.
  5. Fee will be charged on very first day after arrival in University.
  6. Fee Once Paid will not be refundable at any cost according to university rules.

Special Notes

It should be understood that it is the responsibility of the student to understand and abide by the following:
  • Student Must Clear Management Charges of 10000 Yuan in Pakistan before Departure.
  • Student Must follow the Rules of Pakistan Medical Council ( PM&DC ) and MOE China.
  • He should abide by the laws of China and local Government of Guangxi & Guilin Medical University.
  • It is student’s responsibility to achieve minimum scores to pass Medical subjects. In case of failing of subjects, he/she may be subjected to the rules and regulations of International Education Institute & Guilin Medial College and every student has to understand this.
  • Failing in any subject or in examinations may lead to refusal of promotion or may lead to striking off the rules of the University. In such case the student can be sent back to his/her Hometown. However, this is the sole responsibility of the student and his/her parents to understand the academic obligations.
  • Student should not indulge him/she into any political activities or to take part in any rallies, activism or participate into any law breaking events.
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