Normal University


Hunan Normal University 湖南师范大学is located in Changsha City. It is located in central part of the china and it takes 2 hours to Guangzhou, Shenzhen by train and 6 hours to Beijing.

There is an international air port in the city and it is easy to get flight to different places of china, Hong Kong and Macau.

Hunan Normal University started teaching Clinical Medicine in English Teaching and up to now it has hundreds of international students from all over the World.

Salient Features

  • Hunan Normal Medical University is one of the earliest Universities.
  • Recognized by World Health Organization (WHO).PMDC,.MOE,PLAB,IMED,UNESCO,USMLE.
  • The entire course is taught in English.
  • More than 1500 Foreign students from more than 40 countries already studying in Hunan Normal university .
  • The syllabus entirely based on international standards.
  • Students eligible to appear for USMLE, PLAB, PMDC screening test.
  • HNU is located in the modern and beautiful Chinese city of Hunan. Changsha is a well known historical and cultural city. It is the capital of Hunan province in central China..
  • The Medicine course duration is 6 Years including 1 Year Internship
  • National key university of" 211" project.
  • Country Ranking is 79 & World Ranking is 961

Top Reasons to Study in HUNNU

  • A member of National Project 211 and ranks top 100 of china universities.
  • It locates in one of the most ancient city, Changsha.
  • The dining halls for students are famous for their good service.
  • All the staff and Chinese students speak English well.
  • The international student dormitories are providing hotel-style services.
  • Banks, post office, telephone booths, supermarkets are available inside the campus.
  • Compare with the universities in Beijing or Shanghai, the living expense in HNU is quite low. With the same amount, you can get higher quality life style in Changsha.

Courses in English Medium available are

  • Clinical Medicine ( MBBS)
  • Application Fee = 1500 yuan ( 250 U$D ) | with documents extra to fee package

Fee Detail of MBBS

Duration:6 Years including 1 Year Internship

1st Year Fee 2nd – 5th Years Fee
Tuition fee,Hostel fee(4 sharing),Liaison & Management fee 29100 RMB Tuition fee 20000 RMB
Hostel fee(4 sharing) Hostel fee 3600 RMB
Liaison & Management fee Health Insurance fee 600 RMB
Registration fee 500 RMB Visa extension fee 800 RMB
Medical checkup fee 500 RMB
Visa extension fee 800 RMB
Health Insurance 600 RMB
Total 31500 RMB (5000$ App) 25000 RMB (4000 USD App)

Special Notes

  • Above mentioned Hostel fee is for 4 students in one room, if student want to stay in Double room then per year Room fee is 7200 Yuan , or per month 600 Yuan .
  • Room Security 1000 yuan student will pay by itself ,its not include in above mentioned fee, student can get it back when quit the room.
  • Student has to pay first year fee on arrival otherwise he will be charged penalty or send back to home country.
  • Food & other miscellaneous expenses are not included in the above fees. Students themselves will pay these expenses.

Other Expanses

  • All the fees must be paid in Chinese Yuan ( RMB)
  • Fee mentioned in US$ are for reference only and may change according to the exchange rate.
  • Food Expanses are approx 600 RMB/ to 1000 RMB/ Month normally

Special Note

It should be understood that it is the responsibility of the student to understand and abide by the following: It should be understood that it is the responsibility of the student to understand and abide by the following:
  • He/she should abide by all the laws of PR China and local government of Hunan.
  • He/She should abide by the laws of Hunan Normal University.
  • Failing in some subjects and/or examinations may lead to refusal of promotion or may lead to striking off the roles of the University. In such case the student can be sent back.. In such cases, this is the sole responsibility of the student and hence the parents to understand the academic obligations and try to be in par with the regulations of Hunan Normal university.
  • Student should not indulge him/herself into any political activities or to take part in any rallies, activism or participate into any law breaking events.
  • Student should not indulge him/herself into such activities which are already marked as out of bound for students.
  • Student should participate him/herself in all such activities including academics, co-curricular or other as and when asked by the authorities of the University.
Student Affidavit: I understand and I agree to pay all the on the arrival at University. Sign up online