University of South China


University of South China (USC) is well recognized University in home and abroad.

University is listed in:

  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • Europeon Medical Council (AMC)
  • Students from Africa • PLAB • USMLE
  • PMDC(Pakistan Medical And Dental Council)


The University of South China (Chinese: 南华大学) is a university in Hengyang, China. The University of South China, with a nation-wide enrollment, is administered by Hunan Provincial Government, and co-funded by Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence and a few other ministries of the central government.

Top Reasons to Study in University of South China (USC)

  • USC is a Government owned university for 60 years, Majors are taught in English Medium.The school places great emphasis on cultivation of the students’ practice skills and increasingly strengthens the construction of teaching bases.
  • University of South China is recognized by WHO and the graduates of MBBS program are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries such as PMDC, USMLE, PLAB, MMC, CCM, NMC etc.
  • The university began its international student education in 2008, and there are now more than 1200 students from 14 countries, most of them majoring in MBBS . Engineering .
  • There are 7 subordinate and 16 non-subordinate affiliated hospitals, 8 affiliated hospitals for students’ learning and 3 affiliated hospitals for students’ clinical practice as well as 9 pharmacy practice bases for different needs.
  • It has established a new pattern of international exchanges and cooperation, which have diversified cooperative targets and forms.
  • The university is a respected, high level university where you can learn MBBS.
  • The living expense in Hengyang,China is extremely low.
  • All the staff and Chinese students speak English well.Medium of instruction is totally in English .
  • Everything on campus is well-prepared and teachers are very nice to students.
  • Outstanding university for international student’s education.
  • Nuclear science, medical science and environment-related sciences are the three pillarstones of university.

Courses Offered in English Medium : MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

Fee Structure

1st Year Fee 2nd – 5th Years Fee
Tuition fee,Hostel fee(2 sharing),Liaison & Management fee* 31800 RMB Tuition fee 18000 RMB
Hostel fee(2 sharing)   Hostel fee 5000 RMB
Liaison & Management fee   Health Insurance fee 600 RMB
Registration fee   Visa extension fee 800 RMB
Medical checkup fee      
Visa extension fee      
Health Insurance      
Total 31800 RMB (5150$ App) ALMOST 24400 RMB (4000 USD App)

**Management Charges also includes (Residence Permit Fee, Medical Insurance Fee , Medical Examination Fee, Pick -up from Airport , DHL Postal Charges ).


  • Fee must be paid in RMB
  • Fluctuation in currency from RMB to rupees & $ will be paid according to market value.
  • Fee will be charged on very first day after arrival in University.
  • Fee Once Paid will not be refundable at any cost according to university rules.
  • It should be understood that it is the responsibility of the student to understand the following :
  • Student Must follow the Rules of Pakistan Medical Council ( PM&DC ) and MOE China.
  • He should abide by the laws of China and local Government o
  • It is student’s responsibility to achieve minimum scores to pass Medical subjects. In case of failing of
  • Student should not indulge him/she into any political activities or to take part in any rallies, activism
  • or participate into any law breaking events.
  • Signature of Student: ________________________
  • Name of Student: __________________________

Admission Requirements

  • SSC result card / certificate copy
  • HSSC result card/ certificate copy
  • D Card/ B. Form copy
  • 4 PP Pictures ( white back ground)

Visa Requirements

  • Passport copy
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Physical Examination Form
  • Bank Statement of 5000 US$ or equivalent Pak rupees
  • Covering letter

Attestation Process

  • Verification of SSC & HSSC from the relevant board
  • Attestation of SSC & HSSC from IBCC
  • Attest SSC, HSSC, Police Clearance Certificate from Foreign Office.
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